The Goddesses


Angela King

Originally from California, Angela has called New Orleans home for 40 years.  She has worked in the arts for 45 years in music and visual art.  Having created many art installations and environments for every discipline and for hundreds of artists, she is steeped in the creative world. Her primary personal expression is creating alters; alters to life, to goddesses, to experience, to loves in her life, to nature, to her spiritual connection with the universe. She is the creative director, fabricator and founder of the Goddess Project in New Orleans and this is the second Goddess wall created on the facade of her Central Business District building.

Outside of the art world but woven in, Angela teaches and practices yoga and meditation and loves communing with nature, spending much time on the Louisiana swamp and bayou, which was the inspiration of "Wisdom of the Swamp Goddess."

Elizabeth Conway.jpg

Elizabeth Conway

Sometimes a writer of womanifestos mostly channeling the muses of the real writers around her (Cheryl Wagner, Sherry Mason, Jennifer Pastiloff and Katie Devine).  A long time artist in multiple mediums of movement, song and spoken word, she is happy to be part of Prospect 4 in womanword woman vision  and spirit.  She lives in Oakland, California where she practices yoga and meditation and all things patience.


Sus Corez

An acoustic musician and performer residing in Ventura, California, her folky funk sound is influenced by Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Laura Nyro and experiences from playing keyboards in Latin jazz and R & B bands throughout the Los Angeles area. Since escaping the LA scene, she’s returned to her acoustic roots and melodic storytelling. Her instrumental compositions, to which she refers to as “speechless”, have enhanced various art and commercial projects. 


Elena Walker

A graphic designer for almost 30 years, a graduate student of literature, and an Argentine tango dancer. She is a native New Orleanian but also a lover of travel and adventure. She is as passionate about holding simple, utilitarian objects as about reading complex, contradictory fiction. She is a scholar of the grim reality of history yet with the help of her endlessly inventive, happy children and family, she is open to believing that meaningful change is possible, someday.


Nancy Gonsalvez

Nancy Gonsalves was a major fabricator for both  Prospect Satellite installations. A resident of New Orleans but a traveler of the world; her discipline is in fiber arts, crochet, and knitting. An essential member of the Goddess Team, she has worked tirelessly fabricating the fem-fleur lotus blossoms and the mossy green canvas river. The Goddess Project would not be the same without her!

Janet Baus.jpg

Janet Baus

Janet has worked in the production of photography, film and video for at least four decades now. For many years she pursued the art of social documentary and her work has been screened in festivals around the world, and even on television. She is grateful to have gotten her big break in gay and lesbian civil rights media, and to still be making a living working with pictures and sound. Currently, all of her psychic, emotional, and practical energy is geared towards raising her fifteen-year-old son, as well as trying to make sense of our current political climate.